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Alliance Center for Change . . .
is highly experienced, well-trained, and credentialed behavioral science professionals who join with individuals and organizations to help them function at their best to achieve their goals.


In our three divisions, we offer:

Evaluation and Counseling -- for all ages
This service includes psychological or psycho-educational evaluations and individual, couple, or family counseling.

Comprehensive Career Management Services
These include: Assessment, Counseling, Job-Search Strategies, Personal-Marketing, Job Interview Guidance, Personal Coaching and Executive Coaching.

Effective Organizational Consultation
Under a program titled Performance Dynamics, we work with companies to solve productivity problems, identify executive talent, strengthen hiring decisions, facilitate reorganizations, train leadership, coach promising individuals, and bring about change in work environments.


People are people. In personal development terms, this means there are many past and present contributing factors that are important aspects of the unique individuals we each become. In interpersonal terms, it means we bring all these unique factors to our interactions with others who, in turn, present their own individuality. In terms of one’s career decisions, we see that it is imperative for each of us to assess and understand our personal array of attributes, needs, experiences, abilities, interests, and skills to find the roles or positions for which we are suited. In corporate life, those who realize success know that it is individuals – individuals properly suited for their duties, feeling good, and working in a positive environment with a common purpose -- who make companies grow and prosper.

At Alliance Center for Change, we utilize the best that research and technology have to offer:

  • To help individuals chart new courses for their lives.
  • To help companies maximize their human resources.

For those with particular emotional and relational needs we offer competent, compassionate counseling. For those seeking help with their careers or assistance to find careers that offer satisfaction, financial rewards, and opportunities for achievement, we bring a record of successfully assisting hundreds of individuals, over many years, for your consideration. For companies that are struggling in some way or simply wanting to increase their productivity and market share, we offer organizational consultation that is a cut above the rest and a track record of proven effectiveness.

How Are We Different?

Our passion is people. We are professional people-watchers – educated and trained to evaluate people and the contexts in which they live and apply themselves. Our work is more than a job or a niche in the world of business. Our services are comprehensive, yet focused, and our effectiveness has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Whatever your need, call for a free initial consultation at 610-292-8040, or e-mail us at: Clinical@AC4C.com Careers@AC4C.com Corporate@AC4C.com

Our offices are located at 1515 Dekalb Pike, Suite 103, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Hours: M – Th., 9 AM – 8 PM; F 9 AM – 5 PM


Alliance Center for Change

1515 Dekalb Pike, Suite 103, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 610-292-8040

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