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Welcome!  My name is Fred Wicks. I am the owner and principle provider of the professional services at Alliance Center for Change (AC4C).

For those with particular emotional and relational needs, compassionate counseling in a confidential setting is available.

For those seeking help with their careers or finding  a career that offers satisfaction, financial rewards, and opportunities for achievement, a record of successfully assisting hundreds of individuals stands for itself.

For companies that are struggling in some way or simply wanting to increase their productivity and market share, organizational consultation that is a cut above the rest and a track record of proven effectiveness can be counted on.

As a seasoned behavioral health professional with advanced training and education, I continue to find human beings and their endeavors very fascinating. I have studied extensively and sought research-based, data-driven, experientially-tested, and sometimes innovative ways to help people chart new courses for both their individual lives and within the world of work.

A summary of my years as a professional might look like this -- I have been an evaluator and counselor to both children and adults, an educator of graduate students, a supervisor of other professionals, a trainer in business circles, a seminar leader and workshop presenter, a career management specialist, a personal and executive coach, and a consultant to commercial businesses and other organizations.


In my work as a counselor, I am motivated to bring the best that psychology and modern technology offer to help others correctly understand the predicaments of their lives and utilize workable, solution-focused therapy for correction. I ally with individuals, couples, families, and groups – people of all ages and all walks of life – to bring about lasting change.


As a career management specialist, I recognize that many individuals find career decisions very difficult to make. So, I try to make the difficult easier and give the out-placed, the disenchanted, the misplaced, and the wise who want to work at their best the guidance and tangible support they need to find and succeed at the professions or roles that suit them.  Accordingly, I offer a full range of career services -- from testing and counseling… to job search strategies… to personal marketing… to career coaching.


This effort to help people find satisfying career paths, emerged out of many years as a consultant to various companies where I was asked to assess executive talent, strengthen hiring decisions, train personnel, mentor key individuals, and/or solve performance problems. I learned through that experience how very important it is for both individual workers and organizations to achieve the best fit possible.

As a consultant, I am able to draw on this experience -- plus my skills, special training, business acumen, and personal qualities -- to help many organizations realize managed-growth, reorganizations, mid-course corrections, improved productivity, and greater prosperity.

Overall, my ultimate goal is “excellence” for myself and others -- be that personal, vocational, or corporate.

Fred Wicks, Ph.D.


Whatever your need, call for a free initial consultation at 215-699-2437

Our offices are located at 1943 Armstrong Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446
Hours: M – Th., 9 AM – 8 PM; F 9 AM – 5 PM


Alliance Center for Change

1943 Armstrong Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215-699-2437

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