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Where are you located – where is Lansdale, PA?
Geographically, we are located in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. If you are driving – take either Route 476 (also called The Blue Route) or Route 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) to where they intersect at Plymouth Meeting, PA. Then, take Germantown Pike West to Route 202 North (also called Dekalb Pike), make a right turn, and proceed to the intersection with Morris Road where Montgomery County Community College is located.  At that intersection, turn left and proceed exactly 2 and 1/2 miles to Armstrong Drive which will be on your right.  Go to 1943 Armstrong Drive.

Are your services targeted to meet the needs of small businesses?
Indeed, they are. However, that is not to say we cannot help larger organizations, too. We work primarily, though not exclusively, with small to medium size businesses in the five county area of Metropolitan Philadelphia and in lower New Jersey.

How are you different from others offering similar services?
Dr. Fred Wicks provides or leads most of the services at AC4C. Successful counseling, testing, interviewing, assessing, guiding, consulting, and communicating are based upon advanced training, personal qualities, prior successful experiences, and the ability to integrate or see the bigger picture. Many are unable to do what he does quite successfully.  It all depends on what you want. If you want someone with proven skills and extraordinary abilities, he's your man.

I’m interested in executive coaching. Are there some materials I should be reading or listening to before we begin?
No – not yet. Remember, our work together will be data-driven and individualized. After a short period of assessment and getting to know one another, there may be some recommendations along this line; but, first, we need to learn more about you, the demands of your role, the nature of your work environment, the climate you work in, etc. – things like that.

In your work as a career management specialist, do you sometimes recommend that people go back to school?
Sometimes -- yes. For some it may be a matter of pursuing a baccalaureate or advanced degree. For others, it may involve taking a specific course in order to advance their skills. Others may have different needs. Remember, everything we do is individualized.


Whatever your need, call for a free initial consultation at 215-699-2437

Our offices are located at 1943 Armstrong Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446
Hours: M – Th., 9 AM – 8 PM; F 9 AM – 5 PM


Alliance Center for Change

1943 Armstrong Drive, Lansdale,  PA 19446
Phone: 215-699-2437

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